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Cover series: #12 Eleanna Balesi
Anna Arendt is a Berlin based artist, who was born in Leipzig and grew up in East Germany. Her work is influenced by the historical circumstances, the political situation and the echoes of World War II that had been over 19 years before she was born. Her photography is not based on a linear flow regarding time and place. The single image becomes less important than the photographic series she develop over years. She wants to look deeper, behind the outside appearance of things around her at a certain moment. Therefore she breaks single images away from their original background and the time in which they were taken and combine them with images she finds from her family’s photo albums. The process of fragmenting, reconnecting and then editing of images from different sources, allows her to show her connection to the world and how it influences her feelings, fears and hopes, wishes and dreams.


20, Tousa Mpotsari, 11741 Athens Drive me
Talk: 29.12.2017, 20:00
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