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Loukia Alavanou (b.1979,Athens) is a visual artist and filmmaker who currently lives and works between Brussels and Athens. She completed a MA in photography at the Royal College of Art in London in 2005 under the supervision of British collagist John Stezaker, with a scholarship by the Onassis Foundation. In 2007 Alavanou won the DESTE prize and in 2008 she was for the Paul Hamlyn Award for visual artists. She has exhibited her work internationally. Her solo exhibitions include: Rabbit Catcher, Ulap / Upload Art Project -Trento (2012), Episodio 3, Kanelopoulos Cultural Center - Eleusis (2011), Next Door to Alice, Rodeo - Turkey (2010), Chop Chop, upstairs Βerlin gallery - Berlin (2007), Loukia Alavanou, Haas & Fischer Gallery - Zurich (2007), Cactus, The Breeder - Athens (2004). She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and worked with international institutions, with the most recent ones including: Paratoxic Paradoxes, The Benaki Museum - Athens (2017), Deste 2017, An anniversary Exhibition, The Museum of Cycladic Art - Athens (2017), The Equilibrists, The Benaki Museum, Athens in collaboration with the New Museum, NY (2016), ikob-Award, The ikob Museum of Contemporary Art - Eupen (2015), And no matter what the phone rings, Moscow Biennale (2015), No country for young men, Palais de Bozar - Brussels (2014), Reverb: New Art from Greece, SMFA - Boston (2014), Hell as Pavillion, Palais de Tokyo - Paris (2013).Alavanou’s films have been presented in curated programs of various festivals including: Kasseler Dokfest (2017), 62nd Oberhausen Film Festival (2016), Viennale (2015), KINO DER KUNST (2015), EMAF (2014).
Screening: 01.11.2019, 19:00

Finissage & special screening

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Monira Al Qadiri, Loukia Alavanou, Spyros Angelopoulos, Korakrit Arunanondchai & Alex Gvojic, Ivana Basic, Tianzhuo Chen, Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, Brody Condon, Celia Daskopoulou, Ted Davis, Danielle Dean, Dorota Gaweda and Egle Kulbokaite, JP Downer, Nina Runa Essendrop, Georgia Fambris, Cao Fei, Ed Fornieles, Angelos Frentzos, Sarah Friend, Front Deutscher Äpfel, Eva Giannakopoulou, Yiannis Gigas, Joey Holder, Carsten Höller, Callum Leo Hughes, Actually Huizenga (of Patriarchy), Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman & Daniel Keller, Binelde Hyrcan, Maryam Jafri, Sascha Jahn & TheBoundCollective, Jakub Jansa, Geumhyung Jeong, Kahlih Joseph, Florence Jung, Joy Kolaitis, Peter V. Kritikos, Laboratory for Microclimates, Evripidis Laskaridis / Osmosis, Delaine Le Bas, Candice Lin, Fei Liu, Rachel Maclean, Miltos Manetas, Marianne Maric, Eva and Franco Mattes, Metahaven, Quenton Miller, Molleindustria, Shana Moulton, Sirous Namazi, Narcissister, New Models, Pinar Ogrenci, Marisa Olson, Omsk Social Club, Ilias Papailiakis, Eva Papamargariti, Yuri Pattison, Heather Phillipson, Signe Pierce, Anna-Maria Pinaka, Wong Ping, Michail Pirgelis, Agnieszka Polska, Chim↑ Pom, Lykourgos Porfyris, Porpentine Charity Heartscape, Johannes Paul Raether, Jon Rafman, Kosta Rapadopoulos / Jasin Challah, Tabita Rezaire, Roee Rosen, Iepe Rubingh, Saeborg, Tai Shani, Heji Shin, Aliza Shvarts, Helle Siljeholm, Marianna Simnett, Linnéa Sjöberg, Panos Sklavenitis, Marilia Stagkouraki, Jenna Sutela, The Agency, The Domestic Godless, The Peng! Collective, Ryan Trecartin, Theo Triantafyllidis, Anna Uddenberg, Nicole Wermers, Tori Wranes, Lauren Wy, Lu Yang, Young Boy Dancing Group, Costas Zapas, Zhala
Admission: 10€
Exhibition: 26.10.2018, 14:00

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Saturday-Sunday: 12:00-22:00

TTT building, Stadiou 15
Esperia Palace, Stadiou 22
Benakeios Library, Anthimou Gazi 2
TSMEDE, Kolokotroni 4

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