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The Blender Gallery

4, Zisimopoulou Str., 16674 Athens Drive me
Opening: 22.02.2018, 19:00
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As it has been five years since The Blender Gallery was founded, we decided to present an anniversary group show with artwork by 16 of our favorite artists who have supported us until today. The opening of the exhibition will take place on the 22nd of February, at 19.00. The exhibition, which essentially makes an overview of the artists’ development during the past 5 years, will last until the 31st of March.

The following artists participate in the exhibition (presented in alphabetical order): Manolis Anastasakos, Alexis Avlamis, Konstantinos Berdeklis, Bleeps, Dimitris Dallas, Dimitris Dokos, Johnston Foster, Dionisios Fragias, Kron, Dimitris Merantzas, Nikos Nikolaou, Konstantinos Patsios, Mr. Savethewall, Taxiarchis Mermiris, Antonis Tsakiris, and Philip Tsiaras.

Blender’s philosophy is based on the premise that art is hidden in all expressions of human creativity. Our aim is to shed light upon new ideas and original imagery. We celebrate the 5 years of Blender, we honour our artists, we open a dialogue with the new generation, and we inform the public about contemporary art and creativity, always anticipating the creation of a dynamic filed where ideas and images are exchanged.
We therefore draw inspiration from a beautiful image from Manolis Anastasakos’ poem “ Freedom”, we quote: “At a time when miracles are considered fantasies, it is a miracle to take courage from the still image."
Images are the centre of everything, hence the title of the exhibition – Flashback.We will indulge in a journey of each artist’s unique imagery. From the distinctive language – “hieroglyphics” of Dimitris Dokos, to the powerful and yet harmonious collages of Konstantinos Patsios, which are rich in narrative. The abstract landscapes of Alexis Avlamis will meet the embroidery on canvas of Konstantinos Berdeklis, the abstract expressionism of Dimitris Dallas, and the characteristic technique from Dimitris Merantzas, whose photochemical paintings depict an interesting colour play.

Manolis Anastasakos presents a new work from the Personhood series; a series of visual collage – paintings which hint his preoccupation with the social structures. These images come to contrast with the work of Johnston Foster who redefines the Cerberus myth in a grotesque way. Bleeps invites us to another world – that of political activism, entering a dialogue with Mr. Savethewall’s work; a street artist whose provocative art challenges the “norms” of social life.

Antonis Tsakiris presents surreal and symbolic images, which interact with the provocative and at the same time technically impeccable figures of Taxiarchis Mermiris. The images of Kron are inspired by the world of pop culture and animation. Dionisios Fragias’ work, thematically contrasts elements of the past and the future, and using very contemporary media, and examines the link between the two. Philip Tsiaras, a cosmopolitan artist of international acclaim, returns to his roots presenting his own interpretation of the symbolic figure, Mikis Theodorakis. The “blend” of this imagery is completed with a surreal underwater photographic piece by Nick Nikolaou, which is from his new series of work titled “Cenotes”, created in Tulum, Mexico.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday the 22nd of February, at the opening of an exhibition that is “retrospective” of The Blender Gallery itself. Through this exhibition we aim to celebrate our collaboration with not only the selected artists who will be presented, but also the wider circle of artists, collaborators, supporters and friends of the gallery. This in an exhibition that aims to celebrate the memories of yesterday and welcome the dreams of tomorrow.