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Kappatos Gallery organises, curates and presents from Thursday, May 17th to June 24th 2018, the 20th anniversary of the first event in 1999, the annual Contemporary Art Exhibition "ROOMS 2018", at Kappatos Gallery, Athinas 12, Athens. 

For one of the most popular and historical contemporary art exhibitions, 18 Curators, Art Historians, Architects, theatrologists, choreographers, choose a first time shown artist or group of artists, who will be presented at gallery’ s rooms. 
They participate 21 artists who will present paintings, sculptures, performances, sound and video installations, screenings and other artworks.

Each artist will be presented in rooms in the gallery, which rooms are transformed to each artist’ s personal space. 

That gives the opportunity to present trends and suggestions in the visual field and to create a meaningful and fruitful dialogue. 

ROOMS 1999-2018 


Rooms 2018