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ΜΕΤΑτροπή _᾽ΑΤροπος I

Admission: Free
Opening: 25.06.2018, 20:30

Monday: 18:00-23:00
Tuesday-Thursday: 21:00-01:00
Saturday-Sunday: 12:00-17:00

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In the circle of conversation between Art Therapy and Art , ps[υ] art therapy gallery presents the first part of the project “ΜΕΤΑτροπή _᾽ΑΤροπος I, II, III on Monday, June 25, at 20.30.
In the first part artist Jenny Marketou with her work “The Vampire of Smell” [video-art] and performance artist Filippos Tsitsopoulos with the performance “Pervert Narcissist” will develop a suigeneris/original dialogue with the work of a mental health patient and the work of a serial killer. Can the carelessness of the familiar deviate into the uneasiness of the unfamiliar? Can the mythological dimension of the fate [Atropos] co-exist along with the disorder [V]. A thorough conversion which expresses the integrated, perpetual conversion of the potential into the active, incorporating the mobilizing want as well as the end. The Other, the end, madness, the after, all belong to a realm beyond the symbolic axis upon which they form small cracks, black holes leading imagination to the chaoses of the real. Chaoses on which poets, creators, artists, and healers take a dive into for the sake of the human, so he can endure on the foam of the sea. The project focuses on therapy through the medium of contemporary art and curatorial practices, as well as on the ways in which interdisciplinary artistic practice and visual production can contribute to mental health issues, artists explore the relation-ship between art and mental illness. Marketou and Tsitsopoulos’ artworks are in dialogue with each other, as well as with concepts that concern contemporary psychology such as narcissism and psychosis. Direct and in-depth examination of mental health issues by the two artists invite viewers into an intimate, yet restless depiction of environments that permeate sensuality, anger and violence. The works revolve around the nexus of “perpetrator - victim” and allude to the question of therapy that is interwoven with the consciousness of aesthetics and art. How-ever, the two artworks focus on the violence of existence and not just physical violence. The artists perform a role playing game in their research of identity politics, as it is expressed in the notion of the excluded "other," whether as queer, female, men-tally ill, prisoner etc. Whether they investigate the history of an imaginary killer (“Vampire of Violence”) or of a narcissist (“Pervert Narcissist”), or the psychological machine of violence, these strong performances by the visual artists ( both as live art - Tsitsopoulos, or as film - Marketou ) reveal the structural and systemic ramification of sociopolitical conditions and historical conditions that affect the reception of mental health, gender and art practice, as well as the social prejudices in relation to mental health receivers. Through an abstract structure, the works enable the viewer to participate and place the viewer in the position of the recipient of these stories, directly addressing the internal logic and the power of innovative healing. It will give us great pleasure to see you and, together, explore the cellular memory, and hearken the freedom of truth. Within the framework of the exhibition, on July 11, there will be the participatory show “Phantom Reading Hall” which was designed by Jenny Marketou for this exhibition and will accompany her work. Opening: Monday, June 25, at 20:30 Duration: 25.6.18 - 20.7.18 Opening hours: Monday: 18: 00-23: 00 | Tuesday & Thursday: 21: 00-1: 00 | Saturday & Sunday: 12: 00-17: 00 Curator: Dr. Sozita Goudouna, Historian / Theorist of Art, Elena Tonikidi, Visual art-ist / Art Therapist *- ** Αrt therapy workshops [psychiatric clinics & prisons _ Leros & New York]: Collections: Alexandros Daskalakis, PhD candidate Department of Philosophy at the University of Sorbonne & «Psychology - Art» ps [υ]art therapy gallery Stratigou Sindesmou 23 & Dimokritou, Kolonaki, Athens. Tel.: 6970898814 / 6942676207, e-mail: [email protected] Coordination: Nena Samioti, psychologist / tr. art-therapist Curricula Vitae (CVs) Jenny Marketou Jenny Marketou is a multidisciplinary visual artist, educator and author born in Ath-ens ,Greece , based in New York . Marketou’s work includes video, installation, pho-tography, public interventions, performances ,web based projects ,exhibitions and publications. Her work has been presented internationally at Documenta 14,Parliament of Bodies, Αthens,Kassel: High Line Park,New York; Artium Museum, Spain ; Museum Tinguely,Basel ; Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn,Estonia; ZKM, Karlsruhe; New Mu-seum,New York ; Reina Sofia ,Madrid; The Queens Museum; Apex Art, New York; The National Museum of Contemporary Art , Athens;1st Bien-nial of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia; 5th & 6th Athens Biennial ; Biennial of Va-lencia; Biennial of Sao Paolo ,Brazil and Manifesta. She has taught at Cooper Union School of Art, New York ; at California Institute for the Arts, (CALARTS) Valencia and re-cently at the Art Academy in Basel, Switzer-land and the School of Fine Arts (ASFA) in Athens, Greece. From 2013 till 2016 she served to Artists Committee /ARTSpace for College Art As-sociation International Confer-ence and for three years she was the main curator for the pro-grams at Media Lounge which included panels, workshops, screening and open discussions with International participants. She is the co editor of Organizing from Below/HOW Assemblies Matter? 2017 by Naked Punch (London & New York) which provides the theoretical bases for her pro-ject HOW Assemblies Matter? for the 6th Biennial of Athens, OMONOIA,2016 .She contributed to the publication The School of Everything, 2017 in collaboration with Documenta 14, Futura , Athens/Kassel. and to the publication Perform Interdepen-dency Project, 2017 a collaboration between the School of Fine Arts in Athens where she taught at the Visual Arts Dept and Kunsthochschule Kassel and the Arts and Me-dia at Zurich University of Arts. She has authored with her pho- tographs and inter-views The Great Longing :The Greeks of Astoria, Queens by Kedros Pub- lishers. Athens, Greece. She studied Photography at the Corcoran School of Art ,Washington ,DC before she earned a BA and a Masters in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York. She currently organizes participatory art programs for youth in Spain, New York, Western Sahara and Athens, among other countries as well as she has initiated educa-tional art pro-jects using her methodology for museums nationally and inter-nationally. She is the recipient of many grants and fellowships and she has lectured internationally. Filippos Tsitsopoulos Born on 1967 in Athens, he started his studies in Higher School of Fine Arts of Thes-saloniki and continued in Madrid, where he completed his PhD (1996). He is an artist that moves in the fields of painting, digital art, video theatre as well as installation art. He has also worked in the field of interactive experiential theatre, video theatre and artistic theatrical performance exploring the limits of theatre and painting since 1990. Filippos Tsitsopoulos video installations have been presented in many exhibitions and shows. He lives in London and Madrid. His installations and artistic theatrical per-formances are widely known in many exhibitions worldwide, such as The Serpentine Gallery, FACT Liverpool, Bluecoat, Frieze Art Fair (London), Alte Nationalgalerie (Berlin), twice in Tate Modern, Toynbee Studios and Artsadmin, CGAC de Santiago de Compostela and Chealsea Theatre (London), among others. Sozita Goudouna Dr. Sozita Goudouna is an art theorist, curator and the author of "Beckett's BreatH: Anti-theatricality and the Visual Arts" published by Edinburgh and Oxford University Press. She is developing an arts project in Abu Dhabi with UNICEF and has curated a program for “The Parliament of Bodies” Documenta 14 Public Program with the participation of artists including Karen Finley. She taught at New York University as the inaugural Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Fellow at Performa New York, the lead-ing arts organisation dedicated to exploring the critical role of live performance in the history of 20th century art and to generating new directions for the 21st century. Per-forma's curatorial partnerships consist of a consortium of over 150 New York City cultural partners across New York City (MoMA, New Museum, Whitney, Guggen-heim, Watermill Centre, Times Sq Alliance et al) and more than 42 international part-ners. The curator was a consultant for the Onassis Festival NY 2016 at the Onassis Foundation USA. She also taught the MA Postgraduate Programme "Management and Promotion of Cultural Goods and the Environment" at the University of the Pelo-ponnese 2017. She holds a PhD from the University of London on the History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Art that is regarded as the first monographic survey on Beckett’s Breath (Onassis Scholarship 2003-7) and has studied Philosophy, Theatre and Direct-ing in London (BA, MA, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) & Kings College London 1996-2000). Her book by Edinburgh University Press (Edinburgh Critical Studies in Modernism) is released in January in the US by Oxford University Press. She was elected as Treasurer of the Board of Directors at International Association of Art Critics AICA Hellas and as Member of the Board of Directors at the Hellenic Centre of the International Theatre Institute Unesco. Elena Tonikidi Born in 1967 in Athens. Her first studies were in monody and social work (1989 – 1990). Subsequently she studied Arts – Aesthetics of Arts and Psychological Ap-proaches, Βildunngsprogramm für künstlerisch -ästhetische Praxis-, Psychologisches (1994 – 1998) and Arts and Health Interdisciplinary and Expression Therapy GSASS Arts and Healing (2013). Since 2006 she is attending all the fields where psychology and art (art therapy) meet, besides the exhibition of artistic creativity of people with mental disorders, alongside with the project management of the scientific organiza-tion “Psychology - Art”. She has been curator for the 1st International Symposium through Art “Life and Art as one”, a parallel programme of Biennale 5 , State Museum of Contemporary Art (2015) and the project “Art. Psycho_Architecture”, Labattoir, Thessaloniki Munici-pality (2016). She has supervised along with general management several projects, such as: “Art-introjection”, Villa Bianca, (2015), “Remaster your shirt_scan your Ego”, Art walk, 50th Dimitria, Municipal Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, (2015), performance and instal-lation workshops “ therapy_NOW_ art” , Art Athina 17, Pafos 17, etc. She has also published on science magazines, papers in psychiatric and art conferences, such as: 1 Biennale, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Interdisciplinary closing conference “The meaning of Heterotropy in Arts” (2007) etc. Since 2015 she is a research associ-ate of the A’ Psychiatry Clinic of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the pro-gramme “Psychopathology of Speech”. She is an international member of the Ameri-can Art Therapy Association and since January 2018 she has the curator-ship/management of “ps[υ] art therapy Gallery”, the first art therapy gallery in Greece. About ps[υ]art therapy gallery The art of therapy, the therapy of art, demands the entanglement of the initiated, of the art therapist, of the artist, with art per se. Ps[υ]art therapy gallery responds to art’s commodification, believing that art becomes therapeutic to whoever submerges him-self in it.At the same time, it acts as "intermediate space" where the dialogues be-tween art - psychology - philosophy - anthropology and sociology can remain open to new ideas, significations, correlations, inspirations, reflections, consciousnesses and fertile conflicts. Ps[υ]art therapy gallery is the continuation, the official development of Art Therapy in Greece, by the institution “Psychology-Art”.