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Opening: 30.03.2019, 11:00
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P Gallery | Sculpture presents the group exhibition entitled Live by your Wits. It is an exhibition that explores the aspect of humor in works of art. Humor implies freedom, which allows us to say truths that we suppress, that we fear or that we feel inhibited in expressing. Not bound by the obstacles and limits of reality, artists incorporate in their artwork different types of objects (objects, animals, etc.) and play with words and images, thus revealing a hidden, ulterior reality and its effect. Hybrid, ironic, allegorical, metaphorical and surrealistic, the result provokes surprise and invites the viewer to decrypt the hidden messages. By combining humor and poetry, and by confronting our imagination with absurdity, artists challenge us to see beyond the obvious.

Participating artists: Christos Caras, Françoise Carrasco, Jean-Paul Douziech, Daniel Hourdé, Yiorgos Lambrou, Philolaos, Jean-Michel Pradel-Fraysse, Jean Lambert Rucki, Kyriakos Rokos, Gabriella Simossi, Joost van den Toorn