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Opening: 16.05.2019, 19:30

17-19.05.2019: 14:00-20:00

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As we approach the 3rd year of the MFA Open Studios, our wish to establish an annual collaboration between the Masters in Visual Arts and the Masters in Art History and Theory grows stronger, along with the need to renew it by highlighting its unique value.
During the mutual meetings and conversations that took place in the MFA studios, we made an attempt in connecting theoretical discourses and visual artworks. While open to the public, visitors are invited and challenged to wander the different artistic worlds, methods and realities. These institutional spaces form and at the same time are being formed by an everyday ongoing condition that creates the general image of the MFA. Every artist defines the transparency of his/her/its own studio up to the point which allows the visitors to see into the processes that form the artworks in front of them. The theoretical texts constitute an attempt of approaching the special dynamics of this constantly forming art-creating state which, negating the temporality of the imprinted word, maintains its ability to appear continuously re-readable and re-writable as time goes by.
MFA Students:
Antonis Kapnisis, Chara Kerasta, Paraskevi Koukkou, Panagiotis Lianos, Thanos Makris, Natalia Manta, Renata Metheniti, Alexandra Nakou, Stella Nikou Christou, Euripidis Papadopetrakis, Xenia Papadopoulou, Anna Papathanasiou, Evi Roumani, Katerina Sarra, Christina Spanou, Eleni Tsmadia, Athanasios Fountas, Sotiris Fokeas
MTHA Students:
Stavros Veloudos, Geo Mentza, Maria Bobola, Sofia Xenalli, Marouso Perdiki, Anastasios Tsakaliadis-Sotirakoglou, Adrianos Trikas-Pandis

MFA Open Studios 2019