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Skoufa Gallery is pleased to invite you to the annual Christmas group show, entitled “Magical Strokes”, on Saturday 14 December 2019, at 12:00. The exhibition will run until 12 January 2020.

Christmas is a highly symbolic celebration at the heart of winter. Christmas days are inscribed in childhood memories and are tightly linked with Greek folk traditions. Magical Strokes seeks to explore this magic behind the Christmas’ festive spirit, through the polychrome painting narratives of well-known contemporary artists. With a merry and nostalgic way, the artists create a colorful mosaic of stories and sentiments, inviting the viewer to recall his/her joyous story and favorite magical stroke.
The thematic core of the exhibition draw inspiration from nature and its symbolic power of renaissance, childhood memories, the act of giving and solidarity feelings, tradition and memory, as well as the dynamic force of the color.

Magical Strokes