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Cover series: #17 Dimitra Kondylatou

“The creation of something new is not succeeded by comprehension but by the game’s instinct”
Carl Jung

“In the long history of the human civilization, if art, constitutes a cognitive system of understanding reality, the game, this complex and multiform phenomenon, is indeed an instinctive, entertaining procedure. Through this procedure, the human individual –mostly during his childhood- learns to evolve his thought, to acquire comprehension and sense of his body, to come to know how to cope with all difficulties, to sharpen his judgment, to explore the world and to interact with his environment. The game renders the child capable of comprehending the natural, social and spiritual world and to communicate it. The connection between game and art and its significance is fundamental and continuous. The exhibition points out the creative, imaginary, transformative and conceptual games of the artists. Game, as well as art, is freedom, passion and creation. The exhibition is an experience that invites the viewer to playful spontaneous associations and interpretations. Though the multileveled and multidimensional relation of art and game, the exhibition offers itself symbolically as a gift for recreation, awakening of the memory, activation of the imagination and rediscovery of the lost magic of our world”. Niki Papaspirou Participating artists: Adamakis Yiannis, Aidinis Diamantis, Alexiou Nikos, Anastasopoulou Vanessa, Angeli Io, Athanassiades Alexandra, Avgeros Giorgos, Charos Manolis, Efeoglou Dimitris, Fafaliou Anna, Fambris Georgia, Flessa Despoina, Gizeli Kleio, Golemas Miltos, Gyparakis George, Hadjigeorgiou Yioula, Karatza Angie, Karella Marina, Katsadiotis Christoforos, Kodonidou Jenny, Kondosphyris Harris, Kourtoglou Christos, Manousakis Michalis, Moschos Nikos, Papacosta Sofia, Poulantza Natassa, Ralli Ioanna, Rokos Stefanos, Stampoulou Myrto, Theodorides Philippos, Tranos Nikos, Zaharioudakis Manolis, Zarikian Nany.