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Cover series: #15 Margarita Athanasiou

Skoufa Gallery

4, Skoufa Str., 10673 Athens Drive me

Finissage / Takis Zerdevas & Apostolos Zerdevas

Admission: Free
Closing: 08.02.2020, 13:00
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Skoufa Gallery cordially invites you to the closing reception of Takis Zerdevas' solo show "Observatory" and Apostolos Zerdevas' installation "Washing Machine". The artists will be present. Drinks will be served. *** More information about the exhibition*** The point of departure of the exhibition “Observatory” is the probe of the observation process through a synthesis of photography and video which delude the conventional perception and view of reality. The artist deploys the connection between moving and static image, inventing new territories and activate the dialogue regarding the notion of observation as an integral part of human experience. A focal point of the exhibition is the window, a medium of observation and seeing by default. Here, the window, as a thematic pattern, every time provokes a different view and approach which constantly alter. Each new environment, each new image, attempt to disrupt the viewers’ thoughts, bringing them in front of the paradox and unfamiliar. At the first floor, Apostolos Zerdevas’ installation The Washing Machine looks at the banality of speech through reworked political slogans and everyday phrases. The installation consists of a big vintage TV presenting a laundry machine in laundering. Α series of white T-shirts with several thoughts and slogans on them are inserted in the gallery’s wall. With a sarcastic stance against reality, the artist explores linguistic characteristics which sometimes function with complacency and other times are inhibitory. Isolating these phrases from their primary framework and inserting them inside a laundry machine, the installation "mixes" slogans and every day vocabulary, wishing to bring attention to the significant meaning of daily actions.