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The Prefix "co"

Admission: Free
Exhibition: 15.05.2021, 13:30
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The Prefix “co” May 15th, 2021 13:30 - 20:00
Hydroexpress Space Maria Varela
Hydroexpress Publication Texts: Eva Vaslamatzi, Daphne Dragona, A Whale’s architects
Visuals: Theodora Kanelli, Artemis Papachristou

From the institution of the family to the model of the Commons. Their regulatory framework and the role of the edifice. The second part of the Hydroexpress Project will focus on the correlation between “The Commons” and the Greek family model, as far as their mechanisms used by the members to survive, coexist and support each other, are concerned. Hosted artists, writers and architects analyze and highlight the notion of “Community” through the three main axes that characterize the commons (goods, community, and their regulatory framework), which are reproduced in the traditional way of life of people who share the Greek mentality and culture. In this chapter, we will examine the uniqueness of the Greek family where through the care of each other and the deference for their needs, the boundaries between the individual and the collective have become fluid. But also, how in “the Commons” the members, not related by blood or kinship, are greater in number and usually work without hierarchies for the benefit of the community. We will also see the differences between the family and “the Commons”. The kinship between family members often creates a closed character; the members end up facing patriarchal remnants, intervening behavior, and interdependence. While, on the other hand, “the Commons” value the osmosis of ideas that taking place between members, strengthening concepts and values such as collectivity, solidarity, care, etc. This year, Maria Varela is hosted in Hydroexpress Space presenting the work "Family Structures of Finite State" while in this edition the writers are Eva Vaslamatzi, Daphne Dragona and a Whale's Architects, as well as there, are works by Theodora Kanelli and Artemis Papachristou.

*The Hydroexpress Project is an initiative of the artist Marina Papadaki. It started in 2019 on the occasion of the co-location of her father's business (YDROEXPRES) and her art studio in an old family house in Kaminia in Piraeus. BIOS
Marina Papadaki is an Athens based artist. She is the founder of the Hydroexpress Project and the editor of Hydroexpress Publication. Her work has been presented in Greece, Belgium, Poland, and Ukraine.
Maria Varela is an Athens based artist. She has presented her work in numerous exhibitions, museums of contemporary art and art festivals in Greece and abroad.
Eva Vaslamatzi is an independent curator and writer currently working in Athens. Since 2014, she has collaborated with various public and private art institutions in Athens and Paris.
Daphne Dragona is a curator and writer based in Berlin. Articles of hers have been published in various books, journals, magazines, and exhibition catalogs. Her exhibitions have been hosted at the real or virtual premises in Greece and abroad. Artemis Papachristou is a creator and an architect, currently based in London. She has worked, exhibited and talked about her work in Europe and in the USA.
A Whale’s architects is an architecture office based in Athens and Brussels doing research, objects, and edifices. It was co-founded by Iris and Leda Lykourioti in 2005. Due to the epidemic situation from the virus Covid 19, inside the space will be a maximum of two people each time keeping all the necessary safety measures and the use of a mask is mandatory.

The Prefix
The Prefix