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Melting snow as if in a room

Admission: Free
Exhibition: 12.05.2021, 12:00

Tuesday-Friday: 12:00-18:00
Saturday: 12:00-16:00

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Snow silent, a quiet numbness as space is proofed from sound. Minute crystals accumulate to transform our sight into whiteness that blinds. And then (as if) melting it dissipates, ebbs out of view and consciousness. Imprinted on our memory we long for its next cycle of fullness and flow.

Both Andreas Ragnar Kassapis & Constantinos Hadzinikolaou set similar questions, responding with different means. Ellipses become materiality as they tentatively struggle with the insidiousness of image-making. Each work is a small triumph in the lowly and lonely quest of thinking about form, the resurfacing of its absence, the lacunae in our memories of. How objective is our relationship to the everyday objects that surrounds us, these support structures that condition the patina of our lives? Both artists think about the fine line that connect us to the everyday and its representation: the surface pull, the depth that calls, that pallid in-between.

Both artists allow us to witness the arduous process of articulating the hows and wheres of images, the punctum, negative and positive, our prelingual memories which may have been erased. In the exhibition a painting leads you to a word (like a gaping question mark), on to a muffled sound, followed by an intravenous explosion of color, to the tonality of silence, then shade and dusk and back again to the surface pull of the simple pleasures of paint on canvas. One artist’s suggestion sets the stage for the next, thinking together and apart in a subtle choreography of give and take. Unclear of what is spoken and what is left unsaid, Kassapis and Hadzinikolaou, nudge us gently to an ontological horizon between each of them and everyone of us, between the blueness of a son’s ear and the helplessness of a blanched brushstroke.   

The haptic, the acoustic, the muteness of painting, the meticulously handwritten (where the rush of words become a glutinous web of meanings), the somnolence of accumulation, the recording on and off and on again, a constant flow of visual signifiers, function as residues that seem to come from some dark point within. Kassapis and Hadzinikolaou enlighten them, bringing them to the surface, together, for us to see: images we know, have known, we see, somewhere (yes!) we have seen. 

Andreas Ragnar Kassapis is a painter who looks at photographs and a writer. Constantinos Hadzinikolaou is an artist, writer and film-maker. This exhibition is based on a friendship and a long-term conversation on images and the making-of. 

Melting snow as if in a room

Constantinos Hadzinikolaou, Warsaw, Polaroid, 2017

Melting snow as if in a room

Andreas Ragnar Kassapis, Melting snow as if in a room, Oil on wood panel, 40 x 50 cm., 2020