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Cover series: #17 Dimitra Kondylatou

Description of a picture, Heiner Müller

Admission: Free
Performance: 11.09.2021, 16:00

Duration: 6 hrs (16:00-22:00) 

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The one act play Description of a Picture by Heiner Müller takes on another dimension; especially when the artist reads backwards, from the end of the play, phrase by phrase, with injected fragments from Homer's Odyssey, the screenplay from Hitchcock's Birds, and Shakespeare's Tempest. Tsitsopoulos digests layers of saturated poetic bodies with the support of his voice and gestures, in the moment of their alteration and fluidization. Trying to solve the enigma of the play and his own, simultaneously, for six hours, the performance reflects the internal vibrations of contact, to speak with her own words -if this is ever possible- therefore connection might occur. There is the need for external detonations, usually coming from a text, someone else's voice, therefore connection might be felt. Trying to cope with reality, partly in order to accept it, to stop and repace. A delirium of dream thrusts about the relation between man and woman, submission and humility. Death under the guise of Eros.