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New Monuments, as an ongoing research, is taking shape through a dynamic dialogue that originated from a common acknowledgment: There is a significant gap in representation in the public sphere. It is inconceivable to experience this lack of representation in the public space where you act and contribute daily. Whether we are the benefactor or the subject of othering, the modern narrative of history does not include a vital part of the stories that need to be remembered, reissued and acknowledged. Since our knowledge is always situated, in our case we can observe the tension between old and new forms of inscription of collective memory, between figurative sculptures - the form per excellence for the inscription of memory in the western world - and performative works, where the bodies are constantly escaping monumentalization. Can the same tools be utilized to “build” new narrations or should we totally reject the given methods in order to move forward? Τo whom do these tools belong to, anyway? Can we imagine a symbiosis between old and new monuments?

New Monuments