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One Minute Space OMS

71, Marathonos Str., 10345 Athens

Lost & Shared: approaches to collective mourning towards transformative politics

curated by Eliana Otta
Admission: Free
Opening: 22.10.2021, 19:00


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Artists: VASKOS (Vassilis Noulas and Kostas Tzimoulis), Valinia Svoronou, Grigoria Vryttia, Maria Varela, Christina Phoebe, Eliana Otta, Sphinxes, Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou
Poets, filmmakers, performers, writers: Marios Chatziprokopiou, Christina Phoebe, Fotini Gouseti, Gene Ray, Marina Miliou, Theo Ilichenko, Nuno Cassola

Artists, poets, researchers, performers, explore the creation of devices, texts and actions as possible rituals, exercises and rehearsals of collective mourning. This exhibition wishes to be not only visited but experienced: heard, touched, discussed and felt. It is the result of conversations about the connections between capitalism and depression, about the possibility of depression being an unresolved process of mourning, and about losses produced during political, economic and sanitary crises. This exhibition asks us: how could art help to create and practice collective processes of mourning? How can mourning help to transform our subjectivities and communities? How can loss help us to shape new understandings of the political and economic?

Local and planetarian emergencies demand urgently affective labor by collectivities willing to renovate social life, posing care and love as responses to the destructive regimes ruling the world. Any healing, mobilizing, regenerative transformation demands from us to acknowledge what we have lost in its proper dimension, especially in Global South societies, who take the worst part in the simultaneous processes of loss during the ongoing crisis of civilization. After a difficult and exhausting decade which changed Greece and its social dynamics, suddenly the pandemic gave a different weight to words such as crisis and mourning, but globally. And although Covid-19 hadn’t hit this country as much as others, its deeper effects on an economic and affective level are still to be seen. Meanwhile, burned forests, femicides and different violent events mark a period in which emotions seem to implode, without a space to be shown or proper words to express it. And actions such as hoping, dreaming or desiring feel awkward, naïve, pointless. Or not? Can we weave loss with hope, sadness with dreams, uncertainty with desire? Can we weave vulnerability and strength?

This exhibition shows works made in dialogue with these questions, proposed as an environment that invites the visitors to share their ideas and intuitions to collectively explore (political, affective, ecological) regeneration. Through daily activities such as poetry readings, screenings, discussion and workshops, the space will be “activated” by the participants, offering itself as a site for openness, intimacy and trust.

The activities will be adapted to the corresponding Covid – 19 safety measures.
The exhibition will host a small library to be consulted by the visitors.

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This exhibition is made in the context of Eliana Otta’s research:
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Lost & Shared: approaches to collective mourning towards transformative politics

Grigoria Vryttia, detail