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Cover series: #15 Margarita Athanasiou

20, Aristofanous Str. (4th floor), 10554 Athens Drive me


Admission: Free
Opening: 21.10.2021, 15:00

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 14:00-20:00, Saturday 12:00-16:00

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The exhibition of Valerios Caloutsis (1927-2014) "Reconstitution" focuses on paintings created during the period 1976-1984. Valerios Caloutsis systematically studied the landscape painting through the use of drawing and in combination with photography.
The title of the exhibition refers to the transformations and variations of a landscape, the way it is reconstructed by technical means. In 1992, Caloutsis wrote about this series of works: “Nature, as an element, has always been the starting point of my creation and holds the central idea around which my work is shaped. Slowly leaving behind the technology that helped me a lot in my various quests and keeping only photography as a basic medium, I start a new series of works in which the real nature, seen with the photographic lens - the artificial eye - evolves into a fantastic nature, seen through the eye of the artist. The process: Getting started with photography, going through collage, combining photos, intervention with pencil and colour and reaching with clear painting media in the depiction of a new landscape that oscillates between realism and surrealism. Landscapes with different rock formations that passing successively through different stages in the same painting change shapes or disappear, forests that turn into barren areas. The background is the paper in small or large dimensions and the materials outside the photo: pencil, pastel and acrylic paints".
The exhibition entitled "Reconstitution" includes works depicting complex landscapes, geological transformations, mountains, stones, rocks, roses and waves. A lover of nature and an avid walker, Caloutsis is inspired by the mountains and beaches of Crete, Greece but also by the landscape of Provence, France, which he visits regularly. Intervening in nature with his pencils, highlighting its artificial aspect, the artist comments on the reckless destruction of Nature by humans.
It is worth noting that Caloutsis was probably the first Greek artist to deal with the effects of the Anthropocene in his work. As he states in his texts, the central idea of his works has always been "minerale": Abyss, Rocks, Landslides, Disasters, Cracks in the ground, deserted areas, and Destroyed cities. In front of Caloutsis’ drawings and photo compositions, you feel hypnotized and enchanted, like when you are in front of a steep, mystical landscape.