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Cover series: #15 Margarita Athanasiou

Two Thirds Project Space

42, Themistokleous Str. (5th Floor), 10678 Athens Drive me

#2 Epicurus’ Desert

Admission: Free
Opening: 27.11.2021, 17:00

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 17:00-21:00, Saturday: 11:00-14:00

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#2 Epicurus’ Desert is a mutation of the Garden, a Promised Land gone wrong, a symbiotic, communicational environment that has become a place of distortion, social isolation and remoteness. It is a minor geography of mental desolation amidst the overpopulated void of contemporary networks. The outcome of Epicurus’ promise functions as an allegory for the new era of social technologies and globalization. The re-appropriation of terms such as “friendship”, “participation”, “critique”, the immediacy of communication in relation to consumerism, the easiness of interaction, all these lose their initial meaning and transform into an endless mental maelstrom, a nightmarish delirium of crypto-thoughts, confusing ideological pretexts, false ethics and self withdrawal. This Desert is a place of ambiguities and misunderstandings. Nothing is exactly what it seems to be, representational elements look like abstract and vice - versa. Forms are depicted at the exact moment of their transformation, into a constant change from zero to one and back again to zero, ad infinitum. At this Desert, image as a tool of aesthetic information is not what “appears to be” (φαίνεσθαι). It is the psychodynamic “it is” (είναι) of a society portrayed as an indefinite and inhomogeneous totality of disconnected and remote units. Epicurus’ Desert is populated by monstrous meta- creatures born from an indebted collective fantasy, a mix of unearthly beings, altered shapes from children cartoons, advertising products, urban garbage, religious and mythological symbols (suggesting that faith and belief can be the incarnation of a latent identity). All these are material parts of an alien but very familiar universe, Greece 2021.

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#2 Epicurus’ Desert
#2 Epicurus’ Desert