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Cover series: #17 Dimitra Kondylatou
Opening: 10.02.2022, 18:30

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 17:00-21:00,
Saturday: 11:00- 15:00

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The ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTER-PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI C.N.P.P. invites you to the exhibition “Surmounting Reality: The theatrical costume as a printing field” with the works of Magda Karampournioti, Valentini Mavrodoglou, Lena Mitsolidou, Ioannis Monogyios, Ηelena Provata, Κyriakos Theocharous, Vanessa Touzloukof, Georgios Trikkaliotis and Ippolita Valentinetti at ETCH INK art space from 10 February until 5 March 2022.

In the exhibition “Surmounting Reality” nine contemporary visual artists explore the intersections of artistic media and the creative discourse between theatrical costume and printmaking. The theatrical costume, which is an indispensable element in the process and aesthetics of a play, becomes the canvas for the artists to experiment with variable materials, mixed media, textures, ink and its imprints on textiles. It also ventures to investigate new artistic trajectories and dynamic interventions between them. The theatrical costume as a printing field becomes a surface of experimentation for printmaking, which marks the fabric with the imprints and inscriptions of its very own writing and narrative. In the convergence of the two media, a new language emerges, capable of revealing new interpretations, conceptualizations and correlations between the two artistic media, also creating a field of their overlapping languages.

The conceptual core of this exhibition derives from the field of theatre, and more precisely, from the artists’ chosen characters who are the bearers of action in the dramatic process. The artists are invited to approach the relationship between theatrical costume and their theatrical characters, who, despite the struggling and challenging conditions; actually manage to make a metaphorical or psychological leap to overcome them. Be it external constraints, such as societal norms, religion and stereotypical limitations, or internal blockages, such as dilemmas and psychological impasses, the selected characters seem to draw their own individual path, surmounting restraints, as they finally liberate themselves and become more empowered than before. The works presented are combinations of mixed media, traditional and digital printing techniques, and therefore can be read through multiple conceptual levels. This exhibition unravels the creative processes and potentialities that emerge from the convergence of printmaking, theatrical garment and theatrical character, when these come together and take material and visual shapes.

In the context of the exhibition "Surmounting Reality" a series of performances will take place at ETCH INK art space during February. The dates will be announced through the social media pages of ETCH INK and the ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTRE-PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI.

Participating artists: Magda Karampournioti, Valentini Mavrodoglou, Lena Mitsolidou, Ioannis Monogyios, Ηelena Provata, Κyriakos Theocharous, Vanessa Touzloukof, Georgios Trikkaliotis, Ippolita Valentinetti

Curation: Valentini Mavdrodoglou, Georgios Trikkaliotis

Coordination & Texts: Vassia Magoula

*In accordance with the health authorities’ regulations all visitors must wear a protective mask and all measures against Covid-19 will be applied.

Surmounting Reality