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Opening: 12.02.2022, 19:00

Wednesday-Saturday: 12:00-20:00

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An assembly of works that operate as carriers of corporeal actions.

The absence of the body is becoming apparent through this manifestation, put together in an effort to come out of winter's depression and move slow and steady towards the light.

But is it the light we really want?

Is it the light we crave or the warmth the darkness emanates?

(The first hall hosts works that deal with how we feel, understand and experience, how we enter a space, how we relate to it, spatially, historically and physically.)

How to protect a space through the presence of an object, an ancient rite.

Time is past and some memories are fading. Memories eaten by nature. And hanging time.

Some others live in books and in museums, and are waiting there to be repositioned, reassembled, given a new life.

Balancing acts; they are efforts to create equilibrium, but also tension.
The kind of tension a perfectly glazed horse cannot itself carry; but a child's surprise when it finds a sea shell and places it on a thing can.

The broken and the found. And the positioned.

And the appropriated.

What has been fired and the maker gave it a form, a colour and a use, or a non-use, has become a vessel for a body, a body that is, or one that is no longer.

The mirror is looking.

//A pause. A passage through green.
A no man's land, a journey through the end of time, through photos found and monumentalised through the act of painting.
A painting of men pausing //

And then yellow.

(The second hall hosts works that welcome, invite and allow us bodies to use and consume. The ascension.)

A cold yellow.

A breeze. A symphony of trust built through exchanges. Opening one's home to others is an act of trust. And friendship.

Bodies defined by labour, eaten by dragons of systems.  Bodies that travel freely through darkness as well as through light.

Bodies entangled in acts of togetherness.

Coming together in cold weather.
A space of offerings. A vessel that contains, a container.

Archiving containers while carrying spirits. A good act : )  

A form that allows bodies to rest upon, to contemplate, two pedestals for us.

Colourful materials become dresses for homes, mood boards. Another structure to rest upon, have a drink, warm up and go back to the beginning.