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Jupiter in Pisces

curated by Amalia Vekri
Admission: Free
Opening: 12.03.2022, 18:00

Thursday, Friday: 16:00-19:00,
Saturday: 15:00-18:00

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'The woman of my dreams arrived. She was dressed in black. Long black hair, pale skin. She was ageless. She playfully looked at me exhaling thick smoke from a USB stick. I wanted to touch her but an invisible wall of leather and honey scents didn't let me get close. Under her influence I would do anything; go anywhere; submit to any sexual act; lick her feet or buy her jewellery. I met her at a party but after a while, she disappeared. A soft perfume and a feeling of lust are what she left behind.'

Jupiter the planet of expansion and luck will be moving through the sign of Pisces throughout 2022 bringing good fortune, confidence, and optimism about the future. It is the planet of possibilities and promises (whether true or false remains to be found out). During this period it is also said that intense passionate feelings and bonds will be formed between people that can either lead to fulfilment or destruction. One needs to be aware of the moving waters that can either lift up or bring down.

The exhibition Jupiter in Pisces brings together works that explore themes of intimacy, lust, affection but also loss and pain. Using different or somehow similar media the artists in the show look at desire and its scope of emotions, often decentering the self to make room for another, delving into human erotic feelings. Sometimes fetishizing / fantasizing lovers and objects or testing the boundaries we set in order to protect ourselves.

Leda Bourgogne's practice investigates the tensions between tenderness and violence, using materials which are precious but then get destroyed, while Eleni Christodoulou's meticulously stitched soft sculptures look into what is hidden or suppressed, coming out emboldened and strong. Kristina Nagel's photographs survey the underlying intensities within a consumerist society, cloaked in a tint of uncanny aloofness. Spyros Rennt peeks into desire through a more romantic and tender gaze, while Lukas Stöver's sculptural works have a more forward nearly fetishist feeling, made of materials like PVC or leather.

Whilst Jupiter is making its journey, forming rectangles and triangles with other planets, it is important to remember that this world is in flux; hardly anything is permanent.

Jupiter in Pisces

Leda Bourgogne 'Secrets' (detail), 2022