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Cover series: #17 Dimitra Kondylatou
Opening: 05.05.2022, 19:00

Τρίτη-Παρασκευή 12:00-14:00 & 15:00-19:00,
Σάββατο 12:00-18:00

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What could be the link between a private collection of school maps, travel luggage, the story of a Greek family in Odessa (as seen through various postcards of friends and relatives), memorabilia and all kinds of souvenirs from places abroad, a wall installation with old photos of Athenians and contemporary works of art?

Alibi Gallery presents a peculiar exhibition that goes beyond the boundaries of a typical art gallery and is more reminiscent of an improvised, ephemeral museum, where contemporary works of art and various objects, charged with personal memories, attempt to temporarily reconstruct a universe built on the fragments of the past.

The exhibition aims to create an imaginary journey through space and time, with the notion of memory being the core subject. Could it be possible for memory, as an archive made out of fragmentary personal and collective experiences, to be mapped? Given the loss of concepts such as the geographical origin of national traditions and historical pasts, due to the globalization processes, are we now moving to a contemporary condition of “oblivion” or to a new form of “memory without borders”? Ten visual artists are invited to intervene creatively on maps belonging to the gallery owners’ collection, thus communicating their thoughts and ideas on the subject and connecting the other exhibits with present times.

Participating Artists

Iasonas Venetsanopoulos
Iakovos Volkov
Iasonas Kampanis
Marilia Kolimpiri
Vassiliki Koukou
Alexandros Magkaniotis
Sofia Rozaki
The Krank
Alex Martinez
Melina Mitchell

Mapping the Memory
Mapping the Memory
Mapping the Memory
Mapping the Memory