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Cover series: #17 Dimitra Kondylatou


Admission: Free
Opening: 28.05.2022, 18:00

Wednesday-Saturday: 14:00-22:00

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A new commission by Carwan Gallery to architect and designer India Mahdavi is an exploration of form in the absence of colour.

The new commission by Carwan Gallery is a reflection on the link between India Mahdavi's work and the erasure of colour from classical art and architecture. The challenge given to Mahdavi was to reinvent her most iconic objects and translate them into a 'contemporary error' of art history by removing colour from them, resulting in achromia — which lends the exhibition its title.

This counter-intuitive gesture generates a new perspective on her work, just like the erroneous colourlessness of Ancient Greek temples and statues changed our perception of how they were meant to be experienced. The appearance of Mahdavi's objects changes as soon as their colour is taken away, immortalising them in a 'historic error' of interpretation. They underline this specific historic negation, meditating — through its absence — on the power of colour, and how it conditions our perception of space and its psychological impact.

The series of objects is composed of signature pieces designed by Mahdavi over the past two decades, ranging from the iconic Bishop series to the Alber and Diagonal tables, executed in marble. This unique new expression of them being colourless unveils each object's true lines and geometries. All objects are carved in Pentelic marble, a material chosen by sculptors and architects throughout history for its excellent quality and its white colour that has a golden sheen when hit by sunlight. Each object is handmade in Greece, combining advanced digital technology and craftsmanship at Delta Marmara workshops, on the outskirts of Athens