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Cover series: #17 Dimitra Kondylatou

Leafy Body Digested Memories

Admission: Free
Opening: 30.06.2022, 18:00

Open Call for artists' submissions until 07.06.2022

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LEAFY BODY DIGESTED MEMORIES OPEN CALL for participation in the interdisciplinary group exhibition LEAFY BODYDIGESTED MEMORIES ends: 07.06.2022

Compost (lat.: composita, compositum ‚something put together‘) is nourishment for the soil: bodies and their memories die, rot, layer, mix and become a breeding ground to new means. A cycle of decomposing and composing; a steady process of inscription into outgrowing bodies. Compost being container as well as hybrid material, where beginning and end become one unit. The process-oriented exhibition LEAFY BODY DIGESTED MEMORIES will take place from the 30th of June to the 9th of July at OKAY initiative space in Athens and can expand itself into the public space. We are looking for artists who take the concept of compost and the inherent process as their guide to explore questions of togetherness, diversity, transformation and the inscription of memories into bodies and material. The format of the works can be sculpture, photo, video, sound, text, performance, painting, drawings, music (DJ-sets, live-sets) and in-betweens. We’re especially encouraging forgenerative formats like workshops, walks, and other social practices which temporarily communicate among each other in the exhibition or the public space. We welcome concepts (with adequate sketches) as well as already realised works. The exhibition is coordinated by an international group of visual artists (Hannah Francke, Alicia Franzke and Olivia Thaleia) with the idea to create a dynamic environment with possibilities to various participations of artists and visitors. Compost forms the conceptual base for the exhibition: coming together and fermenting into a warm, active body. Your proposition needs to be sent to [email protected], containing - photos or sketches of your work/concept - information on your work/concept (title, year, medium, dimensions and duration (if needed)) - short text explaining your work/concept (up to half a page A4) - portfolio (if you wish to send one! It’s not obligatory.) - your contact information (mail, phone number)

Leafy Body Digested Memories
Leafy Body Digested Memories