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Cover series: #17 Dimitra Kondylatou
Opening: 09.06.2022, 18:00

Tuesday-Saturday: 11:00-21:00

Add to calendar 2022:06:09 18:00:00 2022:06:26 23:21:00 Europe/Athens RIZOM Athens - One Year Anniversary RIZOM Athens - One Year Anniversary - More informations on /events/event/3730-rizom-athens-one-year-anniversary Rizom Athens RIZOM Athens - Vincent Theunissen & Thalia Paraskeva
RIZOM Athens hosts a group exhibition featuring living artworks to celebrate its one year anniversary.
Opening: 09.06.2022, 6 - 10 pm
Duration: 09.06 - 26.06.2022
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Address: RIZOM Athens, 3 Vourvachi str, Athens, GR
Participating Artists:
Archelaos Biehler, Yorgos Chatzopoulos, Maria Diamantidou, Miltos Digkas, Gerasimos Evangelatos, Theano Giannezi, Odysseas Glykas, Fani Leventakou, Myrgon, Christos Oikonomou, Hermes Pittakos, Stephania Psarros, Sara Sani, Nasia Sydeta, Charis Vlahos, Andreas Yakovlev Michaelides
DJ sets:
Impure Secretion
Curated by: RIZOM Athens - Vincent Theunissen & Thalia Paraskeva
For its first anniversary, RIZOM Athens presents new and upcoming artists in a diverse exhibition, featuring living artworks next to works from traditional and unconventional materials. Artificial worlds and primordial bonds, creatures from clay and rooted beings challenge our perspective and invite us into an urban jungle, growing under the roots of Parthenon.
Since the beginning, RIZOM has been introducing new possible ways to reimagine and reshape our coexistence with nature, build a better balance with the environment and understand other types of ‘non-human’ intelligence. By treating plants as breathing artworks, rather than simply a resource for human consumption, tools or decoration, their collection highlights our vulnerable but yet vital relationship with them.
The group show features sixteen artists who explore the relationship between nature and the human body. Using a variety of mediums, from paintings, photography and sculptures to performance, film and installations, the participating artists create an immersive and interactive experience, while being in direct dialogue with the surrounding plants. From bodies going through intense transformation to material and spiritual distortions, the exhibition reflects on the unexpected side of nature and embraces its roughness and savagery.
The artworks presented, both familiar and alien, urge us to make a journey from feeling uncertain and uncomfortable around something we may not be sure about, to accepting and celebrating the complexity of nature. Sculptures from clay, in the form of archetypal deities and hybrid creatures, protective webs, delicate textiles, humanoid roots and figurative totems, portray relationships of care and connection. An explosion of colors, different textures and boundless chimeras, reveal our fragile balance with nature and our potential relationship with the environment.
Strolling through the exhibition space, we encounter the artworks as they mingle with the greenery. Sometimes referencing it and some others coming from it, this exhibition uncovers a world of duality and endless contradictions and the lurking beauty of total chaos.
Text by Foteini Vergidou 

RIZOM Athens - One Year Anniversary