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Cover series: #13 Ifigeneia Ilia-Georgiadou & Angelos Kalogerias
Opening: 06.07.2017, 20:30
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the breast / as an area of freedom for all of us

TAF / The Art Foundation presents the exhibition Boobs – The Semiology of Breast, opening on Thursday the 6th of July at 20.30 and running until the 3rd of September.

The exhibition, curated by Areti Botsari, was selected through the annual Curatorial Open Call organized by TAF / The Art Foundation for the seventh consecutive year addressing young curators under 35 years old, giving them the opportunity to propose a contemporary art group show and implement it in TAF gallery.

“The meanings attributed to female breast are different to the eyes of every observer. Babies see food. Men see sex. Doctors see illness. Enterpreneurs see money”.  Marilyn Yalom

The charm of the breast is lost in the depths of human history and goes hand in hand with the first steps of man on earth.  From the prehistoric times when it is presented with the form of fertility and maternity to the industrial - technocapitalist world, breast is going through an autonomous course and enters new semantic / research fields. Today, the "political" breast stands up again, opposed to and against predetermined patriarchal norms and social formalisms. It demands "visibility" and voice in the public space and juxtaposes with its lively presence the predominant perception that wants it to be excluded, marginalizedand, alienated from the social sphere and res publica.

The group of visual artists is invited to explore and cope with the timeless semantics of the breast, using artistic means and materials (on wall, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, digital, installations, sculptures). Thus, it seeks to impute the multi-prismatic profoundness that emerges from the engagement- experimentation of each one creative artist with the breast and its role in the world, the age, the society. Autonomous stories-interventions narrating every time, in a variant way, the signifier as battle and struggle, as life and nourishment, as merchandise and fetish, as  bereavement and dependence, as resistance and subversion. Finally, the breast is seen as an area of freedom for all of us, as an emancipation process.

Boobs - The Semiology of Breast