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Cover series: #17 Dimitra Kondylatou

Marriage of Heaven and Earth

Admission: Free
Opening: 07.11.2022, 17:00
Wednesday: 16:00-20:00, 
Saturday: 12:00-16:00
and by appointment
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Once upon a time, we used to daydream for pleasure. But at some point, we came to regard this as an escape from reality. Taking a break. So, we were split in two: Into the person experiencing Life (on Earth) and the person experiencing the Dream. And every now and then, these two occasions would fleetingly meet up.

Meanwhile, we are constantly assaulted by earthly matters. We only have to look at an animal or tree, be it an urban stray or a jungle creature, a bush or a rainforest canopy, to be fearful for its certain unfortunate demise. The dread and desperation set in only to be followed by a wish to escape.

This is so troubling, that we turn to authorities for a solution. These days, everybody is telling everybody what to do and think. What’s wrong, how to fix it, how to get from over here to over there. Even being in the present, which is great advice, is not really useful because by the time you are in the present, it’s already in the past. We want to be told how to reach the wanted and avoid the unwanted. In the end, we form strong convictions not quite sure which belong to us and which are adopted but we defend them anyway like sleepwalkers and move on to the next problem.

But we still remember the Daydream and wish it was just that: A Dream that appears while you are awake. A way to connect the in between of these two worlds.

The first lockdown gave some people hope because it felt a lot like an in between with clear skies, silence, community, peace. The space not to do. But then it was over and, though we remember it, it’s like all those other moments of connection to loving and pleasure and sorrow. You say: this is it! I will remember it! And then it ebbs away and, as it washes out of your body, you say oh well, and go back to the frustration of feeling that something vital is missing.

But the atmosphere of these experiences remains. This is the Marriage of Heaven and Earth; a place where everything fits, even when it is upside down; no longer allergic to existence or struggling to find harmony all the time. There is comfort and beauty and play and worry and anger and depression.

What is it like to look at this, to like this, to ignore directions, recipes and advice giving? To be in this extraordinary, luminous world, to be of this world and to enjoy it or be grief stricken by it and to say Yes this is it. There isn’t somewhere else where I should be and I’m left out and how do I get there? I’ve arrived. I’ve awoken to my Daydream.

For W who was such a star

-Marianna Papageorgiou