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I can not look at nature. I haven’t seen the painters’ landscapes on site. In books and on screen, the images,
they now look red, they now look grey
and that is fine.

The distance from the surface is one way or another more important.
These photos I collect, I do not distinguish them from my personal ones.

They are not photos of facts, but they can help me to recollect.

I usually ask them:
How many objects are there?
The answer rather depends
on the sense of security and sometimes on the income. Are there objects or a landscape?

Can you open your gaze toward the outward edges?
This cross-eyed vision gradually vanishes, and in a few generations may be totally lost.
This is how I look at an object that is not really selfsame. I do not understand what it is I am looking at there, but it consists of tubes, pieces of airplane seats and flowers.

The body behind the window is heavy and frail, especially when you get out with the other kids on the street.

(Translated from Greek by Michalis Varouxakis)


Since 2009, alongside his painting and writing practice, Andreas Ragnar Kassapis has been involved with the project Rooms in Negative: a series of recordings of short musical themes and sound collages. His main tools are a guitar amp, a tablet, a recorder flute, a microphone and a loop station.

Using this small setup, he creates sound patterns to accompany his painting sessions. A sound pattern in a loop can last for as long as he's in the studio thinking about repetition, layering, echo, hissing noise, in-between spaces, Nuance of memory, and pliancy of perception. These issues, slowly but surely, came into equilibrium with the accompanying soundscapes, creating an alternate reality in which image and sound became indistinguishable, and practically fed off each other.

In the Rooms in Negative series, there is a vinyl record, with the same title (2010), a cassette tape titled "Lucky Boys" published by Viktor Gokas’ and Giorgos Axiotis’ label Untitled-1 (2019), as well as nineteen works in digital editions available in