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good spaces left - Real Time History part 1

Admission: Free
Exhibition: 02.12.2022, 18:30

17:00-23:00 from the public space of the crossing between Mavromichali and Isavron streets

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'good spaces left'
Anu Vahtra - solo exhibition

@ cross section archive
102 Mavromichali st. & Isavron, Athens
opening: Friday 2nd December 2022
time: 18:30-21:30
The exhibition will be on view daily 17.00 - 23.00 until 5th February 2023 from the public space of the crossing between Mavromichali and Isavron streets

cross section archive is pleased to welcome you to the exhibition ‘good spaces left’ by Estonian artist Anu Vahtra, her first solo show in Athens, marking the beginning of cross section archive annual thematic for 2022-23 'Real Time History' curated by Maria Lalou & Skafte Aymo-Boot.

'Fences are woven into the urban fabric of Athens. They are here to keep out, to neutralize, to cover up, to redirect, to restrict, to limit, to confine, to mark a boundary. When a fence goes up in public space – this space is no longer public.'

Anu Vahtra has been invited to unfold the theme of 'Real Time History' with her insight rooted in a practice of critically examining and documenting processes in urban landscapes. Vahtra’s work is centered around her precise observations of spatial circumstances, with a focus on the ephemeral and the transient, the unstable yet intentional: traces of past activities, processes of transformation, urban leftover spaces. She has been documenting aspects of demolition sites in Amsterdam and Brussels and empty storefronts in post-gentrification downtown Manhattan.

In 'good spaces left' at cross section archive, Anu Vahtra focuses on the fenced off Exarchia square, the confrontational presence of the fence and the dynamics that surround it. The exhibition consists of a series of excerpts from the process of documenting this barrier, the unwanted change it covers up and the attempts to capture the fading fragments of a good space, confined.

Anu Vahtra has been in Athens and around its geographical borderlines over the course of three working periods during 2021-2022, researching and digesting its particularities. This exhibition is the result of her research on the theme Real Time History within the current urban and personal framework, recording irreversible spatial events, moments, and configurations of the Athenian cityscape.

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from Anne Carson’s novel 'Autobiography of Red', chapter XVII 'Walls'. 'Real Time History'
The annual theme 2022-23 of cross section archive is curated by Maria Lalou and Skafte Aymo-Boot

statement: There is a common understanding that the city of Athens during the last 20 years has been subject to particularly transformative forces in the form of a series of critical events that have left permanent marks on the city: the 2004 Olympics, the 2010 financial crisis, the current post-crisis gentrification. However, Athens is always in a state of constant change, like any other metropolis. This condition, which could be called a process of constant becoming, is composed of a sequence of both momentous and seemingly insignificant events. Together they form micro-histories that are evidence of the actual change taking place, continuously redefining the physical environment of the city we live in, and influencing the way we do so. From the middle of this perpetual flux, a certain sensitivity is needed to observe and record it. This praxis itself consists of a number of indicated variables, the object as center of the event, the witnesses of the event taking place and the remains as the imprint in the city’s memory, that will become part of the city’s own mental archive of information.

The program of 'Real Time History' is supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports.

'good spaces left' is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports.

Special Thanks To: Lieven Lahaye, Indrek Sirkel, Georgia Stamou & Afroditi Mitsopoulou

cross section archive is a space for Art & Architecture, directed and curated by conceptual artist Maria Lalou and architect Skafte Aymo-Boot. Its activities evolve around phenomena that occur in the intersection of those disciplines and explore how historical facts, political structures and everyday circumstances have been interfering with, forming and directing them. With the starting point in an exploration of the politics of urban space, it invites guests/ researchers from fields such as literature, politics, social sciences, history, archeology, and philosophy and from the disciplines of art and architecture to contribute to an unfolding of the hidden layers of the contemporary city.

Anu Vahtra is an Estonian artist whose works investigate found spatial situations. Initiated by the architectural characteristics as well as historical and contextual background of a certain site, they often focus on specifics of an exhibition space but also tackle issues of public space. Vahtra composes both physical and photographic space as if through the camera, bearing in mind distinct vantage points. What’s important is that the focus of attention is equally on what her work depicts and how it relates to and is displayed in a specific space. Vahtra has participated in group exhibitions and has had solo exhibitions internationally. In 2017 Vahtra was an artist in residence at the International Studio and Curatorial Programme (ISCP) in New York, in 2020 she participated in the residency programme at the WIELS Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels. Vahtra is one of the founders of Lugemik Publishing (2010) and Bookshop (2013). She is currently based in Tallinn and also works as the head of MA Contemporary Art program at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

good spaces left - Real Time History part 1

video still from ‘good spaces left’ (2022) της Anu Vahtra