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OPEN CALL: IASI (in greek:recovery) | Spring 2023

Admission: Free
Open call: 25.03.2023, 09:00
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Starting this Spring 2023, I am delighted to welcome again the public to take part in my IASI research practice's private and confidential one-to-one sessions. Addressing the pathologies of the current time, which I refer to as performance pathologies, my research practice explores questions that seem almost too obvious to pose: Do you notice your breath? How well do you breathe? What does well mean? How can you inhale as fully as you exhale? How can you give as much as you take? What does give and take mean in terms of the breath? These slowly deepen into unique moments of sharing, reciprocal care and healing.

IASI expands on the plethora of experiences developed through preparing and recovering from demanding performance pieces, into a series of self-recovery treatments and self-taught techniques drawing on breathing movement and voice. During the one-to-one sessions my role is in navigating with each participant the compass of their discomfort, and its causes and effects. Each session is approached as a creative practice, in which I work together through voice tuning and gestures with each participant and cultivate their routine and facilitate the potential of self-recovery. 

Already, since 2019, IASI, has been shared with the public through the generous support of Mimosa House in London; TAVROS in Athens; de Appel in Amsterdam, and very recently, in November 2022, as part of the group exhibition YOYI! Care, Repair, Heal at Gropius Bau in Berlin.

Enrolment Process: 

Please send a letter of interest (approx. 200 words) to [email protected]

One of the most important criteria for participating in IASI is commitment and willingness to work together. Applicants need to commit to a minimum of one session per week ideally for a period of three months. Each session lasts max. 40 minutes. All sessions will take place individually with a protocol of confidentiality and only. Participation is free of charge. Participants can support through a contribution of their preference.

Selection Process:

I review and reply to all letters of interest as soon as I can with available dates and times to meet. All sessions take place at ΥΛΗ[matter]HYLE, in the center of Athens. Based on the stated interest, I will conduct preliminary online conversations in English (if necessary), with possible participants.

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

At the center of Georgia Sagri's (b. 1979) artistic practice lies in the exploration of performance as an ever-evolving field within social and visual life. It is interconnected, though distinct from the dialectics of representation in theater, music, and dance. In addition to performance pieces, a large part of her artistic output comprises sculpture, video and digital media, installation, writing and drawing. In 2015 Sagri founded her studio YΛΗ[matter]HYLE, as a semi-public/semi-private space in the centre of Athens that brings together art, politics and sciences. Her book Stage of Recovery was published by Divided Publishing in 2021. She is the Tenured Professor of Performance at the Athens School of Fine Arts.