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Opening: 18.05.2023, 19:00

Thursday-Sunday: 17:00-21:00

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Okay Initiative space invites you to the international group exhibition on Thursday 18/5 after 19:00. Paraphrasing the English phrase 'six of one - half a dozen of the other', which refers to the different approaches to the same subject, to distinctions without essential differences, the set of works transform the Okay space into a world of 'dark magic', a haunted cave where the final spell is ready to act upon the first contact of each unsuspecting viewer with it.
The visual vocabulary compiled is surprising, introducing unexpected connections between everyday objects and natural materials, industrial processes and organic forms. However, a sense of intimacy permeates the entire body of work, recalling practices of medieval cultures and para-scientific techniques of knowledge-seeking. Sculptures and works are produced by the artists on a variety of non-human scales, using unfamiliar, neo-pagan processes, conveying a new, non-anthropocentric perspective. Is it an invasion of a 'new folklore' into the sacred and distant space of artistic production, as an exercise in redefining us? Is any authenticity emerging?
This group show prompt us to reflect on how art history is constructed around exhibition practices that establish hierarchies of 'taste', aesthetics and mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion, as they refer to all those manifestations that have not yet been fully absorbed by the official canon, and have long been considered secondary and obscure. This exhibition thus participates in the synthetic process of rewriting and re-reading a thread of history that was left untangled during the Middle Ages and cut during modernity, and seems to be coming back today, when it is becoming clearer than ever that no historical narrative can ever be considered definitive.