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365 + 1 sunsets of exception

curated by Pavlina Kyrkou
Admission: Free
Opening: 26.05.2023, 19:00

Wednesday-Friday, 16.00-20.30,
Saturday, 12.00-17.00

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Reconstructions, movements, take-offs and landings, map the steps of the contact with the flow of time, space and life.

Starting point: the contemporary and constantly commented issue of habitation, daily activity and coexistence, life and relations, that get developed within the city, in the context of its undoubted changing character. An incessant activity seems to be, now, an established state, following both the routine of the every day and its pauses. Movement, movements go hand in hand with the diffuse flow of information, image and speech, towards an environment of ever-increasing fluidity. The reference points tend to take a whole different dimension, and places are not anymore identified in the same way as they once were, nor through the same mechanisms.

Collateral damage: the incremental decrease of the access and accessibility to common spaces, common time and experience. Pathways are changing and getting diverted, speech and discourse are being modified. The subject' s exception from space and practices that articulate the experience, push towards the search of a totally new life strategies’ database. The change of horizon is being shaped by the interceptions of access - both literally and figuratively - with these barriers acting as “memory shifters”.

The “365 + 1 sunsets of exception” group show attempts to reveal four aspects, four “species” of the sensation arising from this event of multiple changes, towards the configuration of a map, which remains open to the collective, additions and the necessary freedom. Four gestures of re-inhabitation, transformation, reuse and routes’ invention, attribute different shades of the exception, contributing to a timeline of conversion.

Two “submersions” in the city landscape, a board game and a funeral, trace the resonances of exception. From the registration and deregistration of the stratification of time on the building material, to the emergence of the elements that the gaze encounters in the new city setting, and from the participation of the exhibition' s audience in a board game, within a rebuilding and sealing off environment, to the observation of a, limited access, funeral procession, Stephanos Koutroulis, Vera Chotzoglou, Sphinxes (Ioanna Tsakalou & Manos Flessas) and Katerina Markoulaki, respectively, insert their horizons into the exhibition space. Following the lines of flight of the coexistence expressions, they turn, through the horizon of exception, to those “exceptional” sunsets.

365 + 1 sunsets of exception

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