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Seven Days in New Crete

Opening: 15.09.2023, 17:00
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The Breeder is pleased to present Seven Days in New Crete, Aristeidis Lappas' new solo exhibition.

Named after a seminal future-utopian speculative fiction novel by the poet and critic Robert Graves, the exhibition, like the book, explores how mythological personalities and personal mythologies intertwine in narrative forms that span the past, present and future. The exhibition has particular characteristics that are inspired by Graves' novel and his broader writings on Greek Mythology. The ground floor presents a series of large format paintings revisiting mythological figures that have already appeared in Lappas' work. The Minotaur in particular, looms large as a presence in this Sacred Grove where each painting is flanked with lush foliage that create triptychs which envelop and unfold around each scene. In the same way that Graves uses the novel form to explore how he can place himself as a character in an experiential version of his more critical writings, Lappas is asking what his relationship is to Greek culture, history and notions of belonging - by painting it.

Read more about this exhibition here.

Seven Days in New Crete

Aristeidis Lappas, The Gift of Shamhat, 2023, oil on canvas, 210 x 205 cm