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No matter how much I try, I cannot define you “woman” because you are the starting point, my journey, my end and my beginning. Your existence is a whole circle. The finest shape. The horizon has stopped long ago to define you, since you are the idea coming from both the East and West of the world. «Whether you come from heaven or from hell, who cares, O Beauty! Huge, fearful, ingenuous monster!», Charles Baudelaire wrote for you.

A woman, as a human-mother-partner-worker-artist, as a female, tries to successfully respond to all the roles she has conquered during the centuries of her existence. Her role within the contemporary society of Europe is essential, especially when it comes to artistic creation and art in general. Woman is the focal point of a multidimensional concept that contains a multitude of properties. These attributes to a woman as an entity within the community are pluralistic. In addition to art, they also refer to socio-political, economic and religious happenings. Her communication character lies upon the synthesis and comparison of the past with the present. A woman’s integration into Europe strengthens all the above mentioned features, while enhancing her primitive nature.

Artists with heterogeneous influences, are inspired by this year’s festival theme «Woman in Europe / La femme en Europe» and create art works that are translated into a study of the female body, female hypostasis, but also female’s position on the European ground. They create a platform of artistic creation where the notion of “woman” becomes material, vision, and words of today’s world through their own view. They stand beside each other but also among them in an attempt to demystify the female rage and passion. Who can define a female role? No one. A woman only or ... an artist himself!